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Silhouette is designed to simulate long range hunting with both rifles and pistols, using steel targets shaped like chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams at varying distances. Like Bullseye pistol and Smallbore rifle, Silhouette is a precision shooting event that tests the shooter’s marksmanship skills; shooting rifles is all done from a standing position with two and a half minutes allowed for five shots and shooting pistols is usually from standing with two minutes allowed. We have a new smallbore silhouette range and have started holding regular rifle and pistol silhouette matches.

The silhouette range is now open for casual use any time the other rifle and pistol ranges are open.

Silhouette News and Status

RANGE-SPECIFIC RULES: The new silhouette range is unlike any other at the club and for safety and range maintenance reasons we have an enhanced set of rules. Be sure to read the enhanced rules HERE.

Silhouette matches are governed by a bewildering set of rules, and the rifles and pistols used are divided into different classes by more bewildering rules. At TR-PC, we generally go by the NRA rules, but have added a few classes and courses of fire for the casual shooter who just wants to use an old rifle and knock some targets down. We have a guide for shooting silhouette at TR-PC - click HERE to read more.

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The NRA Silhouette Rule Book - Rifle

The NRA Silhouette Rule Book - Pistol

How To Get Started - Silhouette (NRA)

Another good reference (Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club)

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