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High Power Rifle is a precision rifle competition for centerfire rifles. It has its origins in the 1800s and is one of the oldest rifle competition formats. A High Power match consists of slow fire standing, rapid fire sitting, rapid fire prone, and slow fire prone, requiring a range of skills but always a high level of marksmanship. High Power Rifle is fired with two categories of rifles – Service Rifle and Match Rifle. Service Rifle is the most popular and is typically an AR-15 type but you will also see M1 Garands and M1As on the line. There are specific rules regarding the configuration of the service rifles but they have recently been expanded to allow optics and other current technology. Match rifles are typically specially-designed, highly accurate rifles with aperture sights but just about anything with iron sights that doesn’t fit within the rules of a service rifle can be a match rifle.

For over a hundred years the NRA has been the primary sanctioning body for high power rifle matches at the local and national level. Beginning in 2017 the Civilian Marksmanship Program started sanctioning local matches as well, with seperate shooter classifications and slightly different rules. All the rifles and equipment used for NRA-sanctioned matches are legal for CMP matches

TRPC retains its traditional NRA-approved matches in the even-numbered months with CMP-sanctioned matches in the odd-numbered months. Links to the NRA and CMP rules books can be found on this web page, and we also have a brief discussion of the two types of matches and how TRPC runs them.

TRPC's match fees for all matches in 2022 are: Members - $10, Non-members - $15, and Juniors - $5.

High Power News

The rules for service rifle were changed drastically in 2016. Service rifles can now be a flat-top AR platform with optics, collapsible stock, and tactical handguard. For some advice on selecting a service rifle, see our guide. NEW! The rules for match rifle now allow optics as well, with no limit on the magnification.
Are you tired of chasing your .223 brass all over the firing points? Try this simple modification and you'll find all your brass in a little pile right next to your rifle.

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The NRA High Power Rule Book and the Latest Rule Book Updates

The CMP High Power Rule Book

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